Safepro video surveillance and CCTV cameras for homes, offices, warehouse and retail stores in Bangalore India. Intrusion detection, camera anti-tampering, face detection with smart CCTV solutions for homes, apartments, architects, interior designers in Bangalore.
Safepro offer best wearable body worn spy camera has packed features of surveillance system such as onboard storage, HD video recording, Live video stream to remote locations in Bangalore India.
Smart city solutions from Safepro Bangalore India, smart poles,AI smart poles, cognitive video surveillance, smart CCTVS, smart LED street light, Environmental sensors,Emergency Response system with 2way audio & video to control room, Integrated central control center, ANPR for smart and safe cities for women in India.
Safepro Vigilar is an artificial intelligence smart pole with CCTV, environmental sensors, video analytics, emergency response system for smart cities, parks, smart roads & streets for women safety in India.
Safepro Octasense is a smart pole with artificial intelligence, environmental sensors, video surveillance, IoT, video analytics, sensors, smart LED street light for women safety in smart cities India.
Safepro offers smart city solutions to various smart cities in India with smart poles, video analytics and smart IP cameras, drones, UAVs and traffic offence management for smart roads for women safety in India.
Safepro is top CCTV and video analytics surveillance company in Bangalore, India offering edge video intelligence enabled video surveillance & electronic security systems in India.
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